Laurel Falls Association

Historical Tidbits:

photo of summerfield bank in 1945

This is a photo of Somerfield Bank in 1945. It's where some original charter members (of the Laurel Falls Association) got building materials to be used in the construction of the club house. The bank property is now under water as part of the Yough Lake. Although, during times of severe drought.....the waters recede and parts of the town can be seen once again.

Here's some of the History of Somerfield.

early photo of the Holzhauer cabin in 1940

Although Laurel Falls wasn't established until 1942, this photo of the Holzhauer cabin dates back to 1940. It's where the present day home of the Bob Edwards family is located.

 view from opposite the club in 1943

"Across from the club" - as the title states, shows the hill opposite of the present day clubhouse.

Lawrence family photo 1943

The Lawrance family from Pittsburgh - circa 1943

construcion of laurel falls lake in 1951

The construction of Laurel Falls Lake is depicted in this photo from 1951.

undate postcard of laurel falls stream

This is an undated postcard showing the stream.

map of laurel falls lots

This map has the original lots plotted out within the Laurel Falls Association.

map of somerset county, Pa

This is a Somerset County tourist map from 1947. It shows Laurel Falls as a stop - which I've circled in yellow.

old newspaper article

old newspaper article 1

An early newspaper article from the "Meyersdale Republican" describes the purpose of Laurel Falls, provides a timeline of early activity, and details a vision of the future. The cabin featured on page one is currently owned by George Senka.

Note - If you have (or know of) anything related to Laurel Falls history - please let us know