Laurel Falls Association

In the mountains of western Pennsylvania just west of Meyersdale, and a little north of Salisbury, is a community of property owners known as Laurel Falls Association. The Association sits at the base of Negro Mountain and its summit at Mt. Davis - the highest point in Pennsylvania (3213 ft.). Laurel Falls lies right up against Forbes State Forest and is also located very close to High Point Lake.

The Association itself is a mixture of both full-time residents and those seeking a little time away. There's also quite a few bear that call it home! The properties range from small,rustic cabins to some fairly lavish retreats..... with a few empty lots thrown in - thanks to a toronado a few years back. Laurel falls features a lake and a clubhouse/bar... and yes....three waterfalls! (hence the name) The Association owns quite a bit of communal property, which consists mostly of undeveloped woodlands and fields, and while the property sustained some damage, from the aforementioned tornado (mostly fallen trees), much of it has been restored. So, if you've been away for awhile, you might want to strap on your hiking boots, hop on the atv, grab your camera, grab your fishing pole and follow me Laurel Falls

laurel falls bar