Clean up of our Stream and Lake (Trout to follow)

Hi Fellow Laurel Falls property owners…trout1
Hopefully, within the next couple of months, you’ll see tri-axle trucks coming into Laurel Falls – each hauling 23 tons each of limestone powder.  This will be for the main stream that flows into our lake and through Laurel Falls. We call it Elk Lick Creek, but the DEP calls it Laurel Falls Run. So, we’ll go with Laurel Falls Run (with Elk Lick Creek being down at the hard top road … Matlick Road).
We have been working with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for well over a year. The DEP helped us acquire a state grant, that will help us with limestone dosing for the next 3 or 4 years. There will be 3 sites on Laurel Falls Run where the dumping of  limestone powder (or dosing) will occur.  The limestone will be  put into our stream and hopefully at another site (by the 5 retaining ponds) upstream in the forest.
The 5 retainer ponds (upstream in Forbes State Forest) have helped to clean up the strip mine acid over the last 12 years.  However, the ponds need more help in the form of limestone dosing. This dosing will be 10 times more efficient than just the ponds by themselves. There are 10 such dosing projects under way in the state, each one being a success in cleansing the streams by raising the ph and acidity of the water. After the dosing is started, we will test the water at several different sites along the stream monthly with a state of the art test kit , and email the results to the DEP on a excel spread sheet for them to review.
During next spring and summer, if any of you or your guests are fishing in the lake and catching catfish or perch, please do not put them back into the lake, the DEP would like them out. The reason for this is that when we put brook trout into the stream in the next couple of years, they will eat the baby brook trout fingerlings. This was told to us by the Fish Commission. The Fish commission said that the ideal thing would be to drain the lake over this winter or next…..We have to think about that one.