Laurel Falls Assoc. April Meeting Minutes

Laurel Falls Association Monthly Meeting Minutes April 16, 2010

The meeting was called to order by President, George Senka at 7:05 p.m. 

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Officers Present: George Senka, President; Michele Walker, Secretary
Directors Present: Joe Saia
Charter Members Present: Joe Saia, Charlie & Michele Walker, George & Jan Senka, Dave & Trudy Litterine, Jim Frederick, Mike Schirmacher, Larry Stevanus

Property Owners Present: Ted & Carol Evans, Sam Fennell, John & Lori Gnesda (buying Rankin’s property end of April).

Meeting notes from November 20, 2009 were read and accepted. It should be noted that no meetings were held January 2010, February 2010 and March 2010 due to extreme weather conditions.

Treasurer’s Report:
Steve Noonan, Treasurer was unable to attend meeting…no treasurer’s report given.

Limestone Dosing: permit was approved. Dosing should start in July, 2010. Army Corp of Engineers stated that we couldn’t dose during the period March 1 – June 15. Dosing will begin in July.
Insurance: George contacted insurance company regarding prepaid Officers insurance pertaining to the clubhouse. He was able to obtain a $220.00 refund of our premium. Property & Liability insurance of $621.00 has been paid for the second half of the year.
Bridges/Beams: Vangura Iron, Inc. of West Mifflin, PA is able to fabricate two new I-beams (14” @ 90 lb/ft x 20 ft. long) and weld ten (10) stiffening ribs to each for the lower bridge on Laurel Falls Road. Total cost for the two (2) beams will be $2,850 plus tax, which includes delivery. Joe Saia will check with Bob Grew to lift the I-beams off the delivery truck.
Motion to buy beams and fix bridge was seconded and unanimously approved.
Vehicle Permits: George Senka paid for 500 stickers ($220). Any funds over $220 will be put into the operating fund. All property owners will be required to have the stickers on the vehicles (cars, trailers, quads, snowmobiles, etc.) and guest vehicles.
Snow Removal: $280 to Amishman with snowblower and $190 to Elam Bender. Bob Grew also paid for snow removal during February storms.
Beaver Dams: George is planning to meet with Brian Witherite of the PA Game Commission to set traps at the lake to catch beavers who are building a dam at the overflow, on the lake. He will let us know at next meeting the outcome.

Club Membership Dues: $10 each/$20 per couple to pay for clubhouse electric, propane, etc. for meetings and activities held at the Club for property owners.
Road Work: Joe Saia is in charge of road work. Thanks to Joe, Davey, and Curtis for fixing the bridge on Lake Road. Next work party day will be Saturday, May 22, 2010…group to meet at Club at 10 AM for work assignment.
Mike Schirmacher can’t always attend monthly road work parties. He would like a list of things that need to be accomplished so that he could do on his own.
Mike also suggested that owners who want to have their driveways plowed during the winter pay an extra $50. A list would be maintained of owners who want this service and at what height limit of snow would need to be for it to be plowed. This will be discussed in October…if people are interested they should attend the October meeting.
Charter Membership: Brian Mosholder, Ted Evans, and Sam Fennell were nominated for Charter Membership. Discussion was held and a motion to accept them as Charter Members was unanimously passed.
Brian Mosholder paid $75.00
Sam Fennell paid $75.00
Ted Evans paid $75.00
Road Fund: Michele Walker will mail out invoices for annual road fund to all property owners. Jan Senka to send an updated property owners address list and letter to Michele.
Charlie & Michele Walker paid $100 road fund and $20 membership dues
Sam Fennell paid $100 road fund.
Jim Fredericks paid $100 road fund.
NOTE: Next Laurel Falls Association meeting will be Friday, May 21, 2010 at 7pm, club house.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.
Respectfully submitted,

Michele Walker
Secretary, Laurel Falls Association

May Meeting & Work Day

Laurel Falls Assocociation meeting will be held Friday, May 21 at 7pm in the club house.

On Saturday, May 22 we will have a work day. Let’s meet at the club house at 10 am in the morning. We would appreciate help from the property owners. Bring your shovels and rakes.

The clubhouse needs to be cleaned also. Any women who would be willing to help, please contact Janet at Bring your mops, pails, rags and rubber gloves!

Lunch will be provided for all the workers at the clubhouse between noon and 1 PM.

Laurel Falls Officers & Directors