Laurel Falls Association September minutes

Laurel Falls Association Minutes for September 17, 2010 Meeting

Meeting was opened by President, George Senka at 7:05 PM.

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Charter Members Present: George Senka, Joe Saia, Max Mosholder, Steve Noonan, Ted & Carol Evans, Davey & Terri Cook, Paula Saia and property owner Lori Gnesda.


Minutes from the August meeting were read and approved.

Treasurers Report: Mike Shirmacher was away on business, but provided the following information.

After paying the semi-annual property insurance bill, electric bill and fire extinguisher inspections, we have a balance of $336.05 in the General Fund.

Mike suggested that we should possibly raise our dues, because we probably can’t pay insurance for next year without extra income. The dues referred to above are the $10 per person to be paid by Charter Members and Property Owners who want to participate in Club events/activities.

Old Business:

1. Work on the lower bridge, near the Karlie residence will start Saturday morning, Sept. 18.

2. The limestone dosing, with “glass-sand limestone”, will begin in the next week or so. The three (3) areas in Laurel Falls have been prepped for the dumping of the limestone into our stream.

New Business:

1. It was brought up at the meeting that there was a lot of shooting going on in Laurel Falls over the Labor Day weekend. One property owner had a window shot out with a shotgun around the same time. We can’t have this kind of thing going on in Laurel Falls. The safety of our children, friends and guests are at risk. We will confront the people doing the shooting, and if we have too, will call the Pennsylvania State Police and/or local police.

2. A Halloween party is planned at the clubhouse for property owner, their family and friends. The date set is Saturday, October 23 beginning at 7 PM.  More information on the party will be sent out shortly through email and appear on the Laurel Falls Association website.



3. The nomination of Officers and Directors for 2011 is as follows:

President:                                           Tracey Karlie

Vice President:                                 Dave Byerly

Secretary:                                           Carol Evans

Treasurer:                                          Mike Schirmacher


Director/Chairman (1 yr)                 Joe Saia

Director/Vice Chairman (2 yr)         Steve Noonan

Director (3 yr)                                    Davey Cook


4. The next Laurel Falls Association meeting will be Friday, Oct. 15, 2010 at 7 PM.  The election of Officers and Directors will be held during this meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.

August Minutes of Laurel Falls Association

Laurel Falls Association Minutes for August 20, 2010 Meeting
Meeting was opened by President, George Senka at 7:05 PM.
The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Charter Members Present: George Senka, Janet Senka, Max Mosholder, Brian Mosholder, Tracey Karlie, Ted & Carol Evans.

• Minutes from the July meeting had been read by those present prior to the meeting…they were accepted.
• Treasure’s Report: Mike Shirmacher was unable to be present at the meeting but provided the following information.
o Property taxes of $1,600 were paid but it required taking $40 from the General Account to meet that amount.
o Interest from the CD’s is low and therefore after the next two fiscal years there may not be sufficient funds to pay the taxes and insurance for Laurel Falls from this account. We need additional revenue to cover fixed operating costs.
• Secretary, Michele Walker sent out second notices for road dues to those who had not paid by August 15, 2010. Check on Eric Shaulis as payment was sent in June, 2010 but they have received a second notice.
Old Business:
• Dosing: T. Karlie has moved/leveled the stone base at the 3 dosing sites in preparation for the dosing of the streams to begin later this year. Since the Laurel Falls Association does not have the funds to meet the “matching funds” requirement for the grant, work is being done by members in place of the funds. T. Karlie is doing site preparation, G. Senka and M. Schirmacher are doing testing and dosing of the streams.
• Funds are managed by the Somerset Conservation District, Somerset, PA.
• Work on the lower bridge on Laurel Falls Road near the Karlie residence was to begin on Saturday, August 21, 2010 as the steel beams and wood decking have been obtained and are awaiting installation. The work has been postponed for two weeks due to unavailability of the backhoe needed to remove the old deck and set the steel beams for the new deck.
• Question…why did the farmer not mow the entire field across from the Club next to the Mosholder residence…G. Senka will find out. Amish will do the work if the farmer does not want to do it.
New Business:
• The resignation of Secretary, Michele Walker was accepted. She resigned as she is moving to Seattle, WA…she and her husband will remain property owners in Laurel Falls.
• Vehicle stickers will be replaced for free if they do not adhere to your vehicle…contact Janet Senka at
• Reminder…Laurel Falls Annual Meeting & Picnic will be Sat. Aug. 21, 2010 at 12:30 PM at the Club.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM.