March 2011 Minutes

Laurel Falls Association Minutes for March 18, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Tracey Karlie. There were 16 association members present.

Minutes of the February 18 meeting were read by the secretary and they were approved.

Due to the absence of the treasurer, there wasn’t a treasurer’s report.

George Senka mentioned trash along the roads and urged everyone to police the areas around  their properties.

Old Business

Terri Cook had a list of proposed party/fundraisers. They are May 21 – Spring Fling; July 16 -Chicken on the Barbi; August 19 – Homeowner Party; September 24 – Summer Fun; October 29- Halloween Party; December 31 – New Years Eve Party. The following restriction will be applied to all parties: These parties are private for the property owners and their guests. Steve Noonan made a motion to accept the party dates and the restriction. 2nd by Dave Byerly. Carried

Davey Cook is still working on getting rodent control for the clubhouse.

Larry Stevanus reported that there is a lot of work to be done on the roads and ditches but it is still too early to do anything. Decisions will be made at the March meeting. The Saturday after the April 15 meeting will be a work day.

New Business

Treasurer Dave Shirmacher is moving away. Terri Cook was approved to fill the vacancy on a motion by Joe Saia, 2nd by Trudy Noonan. Motion carried.

Planks owned by Laurel Falls are at the Amish sawmill on Matlick Road and they need to be moved. Joe Saia is willing to store the planks on his property.

Tracey Karlie donated a toilet for the men’s rest room.

Ted Evans made a motion to keep the clubhouse a “no smoking” area. Carried.

The budget was approved after removing one item. The item removed is paying to put up “no hunting” signs. Approved by a motion by Dave Byerly, 2nd by Joe Saia. Each property owner is to post the “no hunting” signs on their property.

Terri Cook made a motion that the letter for road dues and membership dues be incorporated into one letter. Barbara Saia 2nd the motion. Carried. Tracy appointed the officers to write the letter.

There was a motion to adjourn.
Submitted by Carol Evans, Secretary

February 2011 Minutes

Laurel Falls Association Minutes for February 18, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Tracy Karlie. There were thirteen association members present.

Minutes of the October 15 meeting were read and approved. The Treasurer’s report was read and approved.


Fund Raisers – Davey and Terri Cook are going to determine how many party/fundraisers we are going to have per year and bring a report to the March meeting. It was decided that a goal of making $2000 through these events would be a good goal to shoot for. This money would help our finances greatly.

There will be a St. Patrick’s Day Party March 19 at the Clubhouse at a cost of $15 per person and $25 per couple. The food will be traditional Iris food.

Davey Cook is going to ask an exterminator friend to give some advice on the rodent problem in the clubhouse. Davey will have a report in March,

Ted Evans was given permission to cut dry wood in the woods across from the clubhouse.

Terri Cook is going to mail out membership letters.

Larry Stevanus is going to check ditches to see which ones can be cleaned out to keep water from running on the roads and washing them out. He will check on people with equipment who can clean ditches and get prices and bring a report to the next meeting.

The Laurel Falls Web Site needs to cleaned up so it can be used for what it was intended which would be announcements pertaining to the organization. If anyone wants to put something on the Web Site, just Email George with the information.

Discussion was had concerning Peter Dreistadt who owns land and wanted his road plowed a few weeks ago. He was not happy with the way things were done. It was not known if he is a paid member.

Treasurer Mike is going to be in touch with Steve Noonan about filing taxes with the IRS. He
will report at the March meeting.

Mike received a letter from a collector about a bill of $624.99 for putting Laurel Falls in the Yellow Pages of the phone book. Apparently Shirley Decker was connected to this happening. Mike is waiting to hear from the collector. The situation will be investigated and a report will be given at the March meeting.

Carol Evans – Secretary