Laurel Falls now has a presence on “Facebook”!

As a supplement to the website, a “Facebook Group” has been created. This is also  an effort to stimulate participation within the community. The “Forum” section of the website had to be revamped…..and participation was limited.  I thought this may be an easier way to get people involved.  It may, or may-not replace the forum section…..depending on how things go.  The Facebook group can be found here –  Enjoy!

Trout Stockings

Laurel Hill Trout Farm

Last year over two hundred trout were added, to the lake, from Laurel Hill Trout Farm.  The initial stocking was paid for through member donations.  Thanks to Tracey Karlie, a second stocking (of over a hundred fish)  took place later in the season.  These fish were donated and all appear to be thriving.

Progress At The Lake

A near completed pavilion now stands at the lake.  Thanks to all contributors……especially Davey Cook and his son, Dave Byerly, and Jim Frederick.  Contrast with the Photo below.